Talking like Donalds way to speak – die lebende Phrasendreschmaschine ohne Punkt und Komma

Believe me, I am very, very, very proud to be here. A lot of people are saying, that I should be glad about it. That’s just, what I had heard. I must tell you in all fairness and I’m a believer in it, this is an incredibly fantastic place to give a sophisticated speech to you, my hard working shop people, in this amazing village.

And it is a special village to be perfectly honest, because a lot of people tell me that the crooked Clinton politicians and ridiculous whitch hunt society of the dishonest democratic party had no audience here. Dozens of people have called me to tell me that these democratic party people are really, really not honest persons. I don’t know, but that is what people are telling me. That is so sad. And believe me, in the whole world nobody is playing in the big league, as we do now. That’s just what I had heard! Also in the massive outstanding FoxTV. I’ve seen this, and I’ve sort of witnessed it—in fact, in two cases I have actually witnessed it. And not like the staggering ridiculous Fake News.

You know Fake News? You Know? Everybody knows it in Canada, Europe, Germany and so on. In Germany fine people created its own word for it and call it ‘lu-gen-pres-se’. It is major, major sad for this world we have big Fake News. Even they call themselves journalists. So unfair. So stupid. But what I’ve heard, everyone is now saying that the loser shithole-pages are absolutely overrated talking about  journalism at all. We will not do any rude out of control censorship, because we are fine democratic republicans and extremely not crooked democrats, okay? This will not gonna happen that I can tell you.

To be perfectly honest I went here yesterday to meet my great mate of the honest republicans. I’m a believer in him. However in the one of the democrates for sure not. Well, I mean, we defend everybody. Yes, we defend everybody. No matter who it is, we defend everybody. We’re defending the world. But that person, he’s just a low-energy person, let’s face it. We don’t need low energy. We need lots of energy. Like my amazing mate here, at this very, very, very, great place.

Before assisting a fantastic movie in his private outstanding movie theatre, we talked about beautiful tarrifs for unfair car imports in future. How many BMWs you have seen in this village? Dozen more than Camaros you will encounter not in Berlin. Great tarrifs will make not only this elegant village, but entire  America strong again. And your phenomenal village also.

Before we saw that outstanding movie we ate special steakes. Everyone is now saying, how I can ate a steak, when the goofy BMWs are flooding  our beautiful country. Flooding like the African Americans, the blacks, the cyber, the Latinos and the women? Yes, weak women. Worst women cause a lot of car accidents. Well, this week some pathetic people confronted me with boring facts that undermine my honest statement. Okay, but someone is causing those ridiculous accidents and we do have to do something against it, don’t we? Believe me, I’m doing very well with getting away with murder. We will hit a home run. I must tell you I have many, many friends and a huge and incredibly support of unbelievable people, and all of the extremely numerous complete and total clowns  doesn’t have a clue, why I’m doing very well with assisting movies at my powerful republican mate.

We saw the outstanding Apache movie “July 12, 2007 Baghdad airstrike” against sad Fake News members and disgusting terrorists. And after this we assisted the tremendous documentation about a brilliant  man of a fantastic show called “You are dismissed”. Believe me, in all fairness, I have never seen before, ever such a tremendous reality show on TV.

And since we had a good time, we continued watching “Stormy Daniels” in “Desert Storm 2”, a brilliant and elegant documentation of a special soldier, who has a avoided very, very, very not smart hostage situation with a sad woman of porn in Iraque supported by crooked democrats.

My hard working shop people a lot of people are saying, I am great. The proof of my hard work? It’s going to be amazing. Believe me. My friends, who happens to be a very famous fashion and hard working model, told me I dress very well and even more, I am working unbelievably tremendous hard. And I am doing it for you, believe me.

God bless you all and vote not for the boring candy in November, but for the amazing people of my party. To make America strong again.

Meine Damen und Herren, der Vertreter der republikanischen Partei hat vorhin gesprochen. Das Publikum applaudiert stehend.

Das Wichtigste lässt sich kurz zusammenfassen: in diesem Ort der USA, in dem er die Rede hielt, dort werden gerne deutsche BMW-Fahrzeuge gekauft – etwas, was sehr positiv anzumerken ist – und am Vorabend seiner Rede hatte er mit seinem lokalen Abgeordneten begeistert sowohl Splatter-Movies als auch einen Porno angeschaut.

Darüber hinaus empfahl er den Zuhörern, im November für die Republikaner zu wählen, und dass er weiterhin an den nationalen Slogan “Make America great again” glaubt.

Wir schalten jetzt zurück in unser Studio nach Dresden, in dem unser Chef-Redakteur über die neuerlichen Vorwürfe des amerikanischen Redners über die “Fake News”-Presse mit dem Vertreter der AfD reden wird. Er wird kritisch nachfragen, welche Straftaten Fake-News-Mitarbeiter, welche sich ja selber auch gerne als deutsche “Qualitätspresse” bezeichnen, für gewöhnlich begehen und zwar ohne jeglicher rechtlicher Ahndung.

Von hier aus einen Guten Abend aus Little Village World und nach der Werbung direkt zurück nach Dresden.

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